The Table for Reflection (TFR) is MoW’s worksheet.  It is used for the recording of memories that arise as one reflects on a specific birth age.  The numbers on the TFR refer to the chronological age numbering from 1 yr to 84 yrs. TFR has 3 columns, with each column showing a range of 28 yrs.  A fourth column could be added which would bring the age range to 112 yrs.  In working with a certified facilitator, an individual would be working with several ages and the respective reflections.  The inner journeying with TFR brings about insight and understanding of the recorded life events that support true choice and transformation which one may apply to the everyday life.

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Sample 1 TFR

For each of the sample TFRs’ only one age has been selected to illustrate how the information can be used
In this TFR, bring your attention to age 47. The corresponding age to 47 is 19 yrs.  Both these ages fall in quadrant 3 of the Image.
At age 19, this individual recorded the experience of feeling depressed.  Twenty-eight years later at age 47, there is the reflection of rejection from rabbinical school. In working with a facilitator & MoW, this individual came to see and understand that the feelings of depression that were surfacing at age 47, were connected to the feelings that were felt at age 19…there was recognition that the mental state at 19 was affecting the emotional charge placed on the rejection at 47.  By seeing the direct relationship of these two reflections, the individual was better able to process the disappointment and came to understand that her life was meant to take a different direction.

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Sample 2 TFR

In this filled-in TFR, bring your attention to age 38.  You will see that the corresponding age to 38 is 10.  Both these ages are in quadrant 2 of the Image.

At age 10, this individual recalled traumatic experiences that affected the physical, emotional and spiritual life.   The seeking of self-help led to the beginning of therapy.  Twenty-eight years later at 38, this individual is an ordained minister and is active in a spiritual journey.  In using the reflections and seeing the direct correspondence, this individual sees the evidence that in one full cycle there has been healing and not just repeated patterns.  As this person has stated, “What a great awareness to come to”.

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Artwork by Ron Muller