MoW allowed me the opportunity and impetus to review my life experience (which I may have never experienced).  It has facilitated an understanding and reflection of my past and empowered me with knowledge that I have an impact on my future.


There have been a few times in my life where I’ve had the opportunity to tell my story.  The Method of the Wheel © has been the single deepest healing tool that I have experienced.  Writing down a significant event of each year of my life enabled me to see and understand the patterns I utilize.  I now understand how the patterns serve or hinder me.  After reviewing the years’ events with my facilitator, I was able to be grateful for all that came before.  I now love and respect myself.

Lauren C. RN, MA, A.H.N.B.C.

The Method of the Wheel© is a gift in my life giving me freedom from old patterns and beliefs that have bound me to uncertainty.  Through working with MoW an awareness of past patterns became quite evident and as a result I am able to understand that I can make better choices in my life.  I continue to refer to my wheel work on a daily basis.  MoW has become a light in my life and I am grateful to Melanie Chong for her incredible understanding and loving dedication to this work.


Several years ago, I approached Melanie about issues that I did not seem to be able to resolve.  I felt stuck and confused about where to go in life and in personal relationships.  I wanted and needed direction.  Melanie’s first directive was simple, fill out this table.  I later learned that this form was the Table for Reflection and the beginning of the Method of the Wheel©.  Two sessions later working with Melanie and TFR, many patterns were uncovered.  What I had always thought of as the negative events had become lessons to move forward with in the journey of life. I came to understand that seeing the patterns of the past can give one the tools and the knowledge to change and choose the path of the future.  I still find myself working with layers of this modality and have learnt to appreciate it.  It has taught me to gain a whole new respect for my life.


I have worked on many levels with Melanie over the last 15+ years.  The work with Method of the Wheel has been the most interesting.  It has been fascinating to recognize the patterns in my life that I have been creating with my thought habits and I can almost predict outcomes if I not make clear and conscious choices to change the patterns.  MoW helped me to see the patterns clearly.  I have seen this valuable tool work over and over again in my life, for my students and clients.  Information that took 1-2 hours to be revealed in a private session is revealed in minutes using MoW.  When Melanie appeared on the radio (WBAI), with me and Dr. Kokayi a few years ago, the listeners were hungry for this information.  It was the first time I saw so many women openly giving their true age.  The few minutes on the phone were very valuable to so many.  I am honored and excited to be a part of this work.

Yvonne S. RN, Case Manager

The process of awakening to our God-Self is individual.  Even though the process is painful at times, it is always clear, loving and compassionate. Receiving this primary tool for life helped me find and experience the ever unfolding awareness which resides in me.  I have learned to detach from my conditioned emotional self, take responsibility for my thoughts, actions and life and as a result, stand within the awareness of my God-Self. These gifts of freedom allow me to live in deep joy.  Thank you!
Melanie's guidance, support, honesty and sense of humor as my facilitator is an enormous help which, I shall always remember with deep gratitude.

Reverend Kevin Kraft
Our Greatest Opportunity is to Know our Spirit.

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When you find yourself in an untenable situation from which you feel you cannot survive, your mind reels. You think you did everything right so what happened? When this happened to me, I called it “My Perfect Storm”. During a very costly divorce I was forced to mortgage the mortgage free home I brought into the marriage. Then really bad stuff started to happen. I dreaded answering the phone or opening the mail and there was more, much more. I sometimes reacted with nausea. My immune system gave way and I suffered problems that left indelible marks on my health. Just about then I met Melanie Chong, and that made all the difference. Today I'm free from the negative forces that plagued that time of transition. In spite of doing everything right, career, finances, acquisitions, the good life, obscure cyclical patterns were being seeded since early times, patterns that eventually put me right in the center of the storm. MoW brought me clarity and a new purpose.

Ellena R.,
Art Director & Creative Supervisor, NYC/Retired