God is quietly dancing

I’ve taken the opportunity to be still and experience God quietly dancing...
it’s interesting this experience...I can hear the melody without sound and notes. I can feel the gentle movement as it caresses me. I cannot say what it looks like 'cause there is no image. The fragrance makes me take a deep breath and remember. It brings this soft smile to my lips as if I am tasting something precious. I plan to come here often where God is quietly dancing

Melanie Chong.

What is The Method of the Wheel?

The recurring event patterns that influence an individual’s personal experience of life are quickly recognized with the tool, Method of the Wheel ©. The work uses the visual construction of an Image of concentric circles and a Table for Reflection (TFR) for collecting data which creates the background from which understanding and insights will emerge.  Spiritual practices of meditation and cultivation of unconditioned awareness are the foundation from which the inner work of this methodology takes flight.

Melanie Chong is the founder and director of Center for The Inner Journey (CFIJ) formalized in 2002. The beginnings of CFIJ and its work began in 1991 with Meditation groups, Reiki trainings and healing groups.  Melanie had a successful private practice working with individuals in personal growth and spiritual development.  By 2000, Melanie had expanded the scope of CFIJ to include outreach programs to women in shelters and work in the HIV community.  Much of this was accomplished on a volunteer basis.  Many of the volunteers who joined her in these programs were already involved in professions of heath care and found the personal growth work and trainings in the Reiki method of healing of benefit.  In 2002, Melanie began to focus on the development of a body of inner work called Method of the Wheel © (MoW).  2004 led to bringing this methodology to the forefront of her work with individuals and groups.  Motivated by the successful response, she started a facilitator training program for those interested in understanding the inner workings of the methodology and for those who saw the benefits of adding it as a tool in their professional work.

YOU are invited to enter MoW and see how this tool will give you insights into your life journey. See how taking a conscious look at events in the cycles of your life can give you the capacity for transformation. If you would like to go deeper and have support and a personal consultation, please contact Melanie @ cfij-mow.com to find out more.

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